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Get Aluminium Profile Light from India’s biggest seller Arihant Star at a reasonable rate.

Which Profile light to choose for False Ceiling Design

Concealed profile lights are installed within the ceiling resulting in a hidden lighting effect. This is quite popular, in designs as it offers indirect lighting while minimizing the visibility of fixtures. It significantly enhances the aesthetics of the space.

Which Profile light to choose Without False Ceiling Design

Surface mounted profile lights are directly attached to the ceiling without requiring a ceiling structure. They still provide a contemporary appearance. However, they tend to be more visible compared to concealed options. This is a choice when a false ceiling is not part of the design concept.

Does Profile Light Consume More Electricity

The amount of electricity that profile lights consume depends on factors, including the type of bulbs used (such, as LED or halogen) their wattage and how long they are used for.

Generally, LED profile lights tend to be more energy efficient, than incandescent or halogen bulbs. LED lights are known for their lifespan and lower power consumption, which makes them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

Which Profile Light Is Best?

When it comes to profile lights there are sizes such, as 17x06mm, 17x12mm, 11x06mm and so on (sizes indicated in millimetres). The selection of the best profile light depends on your installation requirements and intended use.

For example: let’s take a look at the 17x06mm size: This particular profile light is frequently preferred and makes up around 70-80% of installations. Its popularity stems from its versatility and sleek design making it suitable, for a range of purposes.

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