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ArihantStar 360 Degree Mini Ceiling Mounted Motion Sensor with Light Sensor | Energy Saving Device| 18 Months Warranty

  • sensor Detecting distance : 0 to 6 Mtr
  • Using the automatic control product of infrared technology,when people walk into the sensor range,and the sensor can detect the spectral change of the human body infrared ray,during this time,the switch will connect the load automatically until the person leaves the sensor range.
  • Good solution for energy saving & easy in installation. & Delay adjustment: 10 Seconds – 7 Minutes & Adjustable Lux: turn on the lights during the day or night.
  • It can use with lamps, incandescent lamps (bulbs), old-fashioned fluorescent lamps, electronic fluorescent ring lamps, spotlights, transformers, small electrical appliances, and other all other appliance.

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ArihantStar Waterproof 220 V Auto Day/Night on and Off Photocell, LDR Sensor Switch 6 A for Lighting (White)

  • Automatic Sensor Light Control Switch/ It can use Street Light, Garden Lights, Incandescent lamp, LED lights
  • 230 vac input supply. Now it is ready to operate day/night mode. For testing keep torch over to the photocell load will turn on
  • It can be used with street light, garden lights, incandescent lamp, led lights and all other kinds of lamps.
  • Indian manufactured by ArihantStar

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