Arihant Star 240 Led Strip Light 2835 For Ceiling Decoration Or False Ceiling, Size 10mm, 24V With 5 Meter Roll (Made In India)


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  • 1 Packet = Roll Of 5 Meters (145rs x 5meters = 725rs)
  • Used for lighting in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms
  • Adding light to displays or shelves
  • The size of the strip is 10mm
  • Low power consumption, Safe and Reliable
  • Ideal for Indoor Areas
  • With 240 Numbers Of Led Per Meter
  • 24V Flexible LED strips Lights
  • High quality and long lasting
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Arihant Star 240 Led Strip Light 2835 For Ceiling Decoration Or False Ceiling, Size 10mm, 24V With 5 Meter Roll (Made In India)

They are suitable for different occasions like festivals, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, home decoration, in-door lighting, false ceilings, kids’ rooms, shops, hotels and restaurants, balconies, and boundary walls.

Led Strip Lights won’t work without a Power Supply Or SMPS, so you need to have a power supply connected to the strip light

Lighting plays a role, in the world of design as it has the power to completely transform spaces. The Led Strip Light for Ceiling stands out as an option that combines practicality and style. Let’s explore the features and uses that make this 240 LED strip a choice, for enhancing the atmosphere of any room.

Designed to be versatile the Arihant Star LED strip is available in a 5 meter roll making it effortless to light up areas. Each package includes this extended length providing a cost solution for your lighting requirements. With a price of 145rs per meter the entire 5 meter roll is affordable at 725rs ensuring quality.

Whether you want to add brightness to your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom the Arihant Star Strips Light is perfect for purposes. Its adaptability to spaces makes it an ideal option for areas bringing warmth and vibrancy to your living spaces.

One exceptional feature of this LED strip is its flexibility, with a 24V power supply. The low voltage not only promotes energy efficiency but also guarantees safety for various applications. You can install it with confidence knowing that the Arihant Star LED strip combines innovation with measures.

To create an ambience the Arihant Star LED strip offers an impressive 240 LEDs, per meter making it bright and ideal for showcasing displays or adding a touch of elegance to shelves in your home or office.

With its high-quality materials, this LED strip guarantees durability making it a trustworthy option. Enhance the corners draw attention to the features or establish a calming ambiance, in bedrooms – there are possibilities to explore.

When it comes to spaces making a strong first impression is crucial. Incorporating the Arihant Star strip into your displays and showcases will leave a lasting impact on customers. Its bright and vibrant illumination is guaranteed to captivate and engage them.

Hotels, restaurants and cafes can greatly benefit from the inviting glow of the Arihant Star. It helps create a welcoming atmosphere that leaves an impression on guests ultimately enhancing their experience.

The Arihant Star 24V LED Strip Light boasts power consumption while still providing illumination. Embrace sustainability without compromising on brightness, with this eco-lighting solution.

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Cool White – 6500k, Neutral White – 4000k, Warm White – 3000k

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Arihant Star 240 Led Strip Light 2835 For Ceiling Decoration Or False Ceiling, Size 10mm, 24V With 5 Meter Roll (Made In India)
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