Arihant Star 12W COB Light For False Ceiling, Bedroom, Home – Philips, Fulhum Driver, – Deep Down Light

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  • Philips And Fulham Driver
  • Manufactured In India
  • 12W Ceiling Cob Light
  • Available in Black and White body
  • Powered by Philips, Cree
  • Life of over 50k hours
  • Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
  • High Quality, Energy Efficiency, Long lifespan
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Arihant Star 12W Ceiling COB Light For Commercial, Domestic Use – Philips, Fulhum Driver – Deep Down Light

ArihantStar LED Cob Deep lights are a flexible lighting system manufactured in India. They provide a natural lighting effect that is perfect for general lighting applications.

The lights come with a special reflector that replicates the halogen spot effect and increases concentration area, making them an ideal replacement for traditional spotlights with reflector halogen lamps.

These lights use a Cob single source light chip with a small area from where the light emanates, allowing the light to be focused by optics like reflectors and lenses. The Cob deep down lights are available in Black and White bodies, with colour temperatures of Cool white – 6500K, Neutral White – 4000K, and Warm white – 3000K.

The lights have an LED life of over 50k hours. The operating temperature range is -10°C to +50°C, and the light source is an SMD LED chip as per LM 80/IS16106. The heat sink should be die-cast aluminium, with sufficient heat sink fins to dissipate heat effectively.

The input operating voltage range is 140-310 volts, with a frequency of 50Hz and CRI>80 and the driver used is Philips, Fulham. The luminaire is protected against surges and transients above 3KV, and it provides short circuit protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, low voltage protection, and reverse polarity.

These lights are ideal for a wide range of applications, including jewellery displays in shops, display tracks, offices, residential areas, hospitality and retail shops, restaurants, wall-washing corridors, museums, malls, showrooms, seminar halls, stairs, entrances, and more.

It’s worth noting that Cob Light is a type of LED light that uses a chip on board (COB) to provide a higher level of brightness and efficiency than traditional LED lights. COB lights are known for their high quality, energy efficiency, and long lifespan. They are becoming increasingly popular in many different settings due to their versatility and ability to provide a range of lighting options.

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Cool White – 6500k, Neutral White – 4000k, Warm White – 3000k

Body Color

Black, White

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Arihant Star 12W COB Light For False Ceiling - Philips, Fulhum Driver – Deep Down Light
Arihant Star 12W COB Light For False Ceiling, Bedroom, Home – Philips, Fulhum Driver, – Deep Down Light
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